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Logo for Noelita for AISD
Teachers are NOT expendable. AISD must:

  • Value the health and safety of teachers.
  • Recruit and retain diverse and talented teachers and principals who understand and love the communities in which they teach.
  • Provide teachers and campus leaders with professional development and equip them with the resources, curriculum and support needed to deliver meaningful and effective instruction that meets the needs of students and offers the excellent academic opportunities.
    • This includes learning opportunities where educators can understand how our frames of reference, backgrounds, biases, and beliefs influence how we have historically contributed to the disparities and inequalities in the school system.
  • Ensure that compensation and salary schedules encourage experienced educators to pursue career advancement in the classroom.
  • Maintain an ombudsperson that is a permanent part of the district and provide administrative leaders and staff with the skills and support needed to cultivate a healthy work environment that thrives on collaboration, innovation, and respect.