Platform & Values

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An image of Noelita Lugo speaking at a rally.

When I was in fifth grade, I made two promises to myself: one, to graduate from college, and two, to help children and families. I was able to accomplish both because along the way I had people in my life who believed in me, who saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself.

I am running for AISD school board because I want all kids, regardless of socio-economic status, learning abilities and exceptionalities, race or identity, to have a chance to succeed in the classroom and in life.


The COVID-19 pandemic has presented extreme challenges for our world as a whole, including thousands of AISD students, families, teachers and staff members. While there is no perfect solution in our immediate future, AISD must work to ensure the safety of students and employees while also providing the best academic experience possible for every student as the pandemic continues.

Parents, Caregivers, & Community

Parents & caregivers must be authentically engaged, heard, and respected as the foremost experts on the needs of our children and schools.


The Austin community supports our public schools and wants to feel pride in the work of AISD. Austin ISD can be a school district we can all feel proud of, one that reflects an alignment of our values and our educational practices.


All students are entitled to and should have access to a rich educational experience so that they can actualize their highest potential academically and in life.


Campus leaders and educators must be respected and consulted as the professionals they are when determining effective approaches to teaching and learning and accountability.